Company History & People

As Meth Remediation Contractors, Apple Environmental spent years trying to find some sort of product and/or process that saves labor, smells better, costs less and leaves less sticky residue. They also wanted a company that could answer our questions about application and use. That product and/or company did not exist.

The owners of Apple Environmental began to investigate the options to create a product that saves labor, smells better, costs less, leaves less sticky residue and cleans up with water. Apple Environmental created many formulas in the process that did not work, but through trial and error finally came up with a baseline product that was helpful in decontaminating methamphetamine in different properties and on different surfaces.

The owners decontaminated hundreds of properties until they finally felt that the product and the process was complete before offering it for sell. In September of 2013, Apple Environmental Meth Remover became available for purchase to other decontamination and remediation companies.

Not only is Meth Remover the best product on the market but it was created by Decontamination Specialists for Decontamination Specialists.

The owners are available to answer your questions, 801-871-5906.

Our Team

MarkMark Shepard-Co-founder/President of Apple Environmental, Inc. Mark is our resident decontamination guru. Mr. Shepard has acquired years of construction and business management experience having owned and operated several different companies including a property management company for over 12 years and a landscape construction company prior to that. It was through this experience that led him to the meth decontamination and mold remediation industry. He is continually looking for a better, more efficient way to do things and always seeking information about what is out there. Mark is a graduate from Utah State University.



KameronKameron Thorne-Partner/CEO of Apple Environmental Inc. Prior to becoming a partner and CEO of Apple Environmental Inc, Kameron Thorne was a Divisional Vice President of Mastercorp in which he oversaw twenty-four separate resorts in ten states. More recently, he owned and operated a business coaching company helping to educate business owners on how to grown their businesses. Kameron is a graduate from the University of Utah and speaks fluent Spanish.




DeboraDebora Shepard-Co-Founder of Apple Environmental Inc. As Mark’s wife and business partner, Debora has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining the various businesses she and Mark have owned and operated. Primarily responsible for office management, human resources, marketing and financials. Debora keeps the business running smoothly so that Mark and Kameron can concentrate on research & development, client relations and building the business. Debora is also a graduate of Utah State University.