Instructions For Use

Directions for use

Know and follow all Federal, State, and Local laws pertaining to chemical use in structures and Methamphetamine Decontamination. Wear the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) for entering and decontaminating a methamphetamine contaminated structure.

  1. Property Preparation
    • Remove debris and all porous materials such as carpet, carpet pad, ceiling tiles, insulation, insulated ductwork and any other materials required by local or state laws.
  2. Dry Clean
    • Remove loose dust and dirt from floors, walls, ceilings and HVAC using HEPA filtered equipment.
  3. Mixing Product
    • Mix Part 1 with Part 2 in clean container. Amounts needed may vary based on the level of contamination, humidity, cleanliness of surfaces and types of surfaces that are being decontaminated.
  4. (Optional) Pretreat Property
    • For special case, heavily soiled or heavily contaminated properties, apply mixture from Step 3 to all surfaces using foamer or sprayer. Agitate surfaces, let stand for two hours.
  5. Wet Clean
    • Mix equal parts Apple Environmental Meth Remover Parts 1 and Parts 2 in clean container. Using a separate container, create a diluted mixture of Meth Remover and water to be used for washing all surfaces. (1:5-1:10 ratio depending on the soil load and contamination level) Using microfiber scrubber pads or soft bristle brush wash all surfaces. Extract excess wash water.
  6. Product Application
    • Apply Apple Environmental Meth Remover solution (equal parts Apple Environmental Meth Remover Part 1 & 2 combined and diluted with 1 part water) to all surfaces using a ULV fogger, sprayer or foamer. Lightly brush products into all surfaces immediately after application. Optimal dwell time is 4 hours.
    • For special case, heavily soiled or heavily contaminated propertied, apply Apple Environmental Meth Remover solution in equal parts Meth Remover Part 1 & 2 combined.
  7. Rinse Property.
    • Using clean water rinse all surfaces thoroughly. Using extraction equipment if necessary to remove excess water from floors. Thoroughly rinse all equipment with clean water after use.
    • If property is excessively dirty or heavily contaminated, repeat steps 5 and/or 6 prior to rinsing.

Allow property to dry before clearance testing


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